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Welcome to Coalville, UT
Coalville City, Snowmobiling, Historic Town, Skiing, Off Roading, ATV, Outdoor Recreation | Coalville City, Utah.

We're only 5 minutes from Echo Reservoir. Park City Ski Resorts and the Tanger Shoping Center are only 15 minutes away. Salt Lake City, Ogden and Evanston are only 45 minutes away!

"To be a beautiful, rural community based on its history of agriculture, open space and recreation that includes high quality amenities and opportunities while remaining a family oriented, clean and friendly community that is a great place to live, work, and visit."

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Notice of Municipal offices to be voted on in the 2023 Coalville City Municipal General Election:

Coalville City will elect three city council members during the 2023 Municipal Election, which will be held November 7, 2023. Pursuant to State Law, a Primary Election will be held on August 15, 2023, if there are more than twice the number of candidates who file than are to be elected.

                Three (3) City Council Member – 4 Year term each

Currently holding the three council positions open for election are Don Winters, Tyler Rowser, and Phil Geary.

Qualified individuals may complete a Declaration of Candidacy at the Coalville City Hall, 10 North Main Street, Coalville City, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., June 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7, 2023.

Qualifications to be a candidate are: Be a United States Citizen at the time of filing; Be a registered voter of Coalville City in which the individual is elected; Be a resident of Coalville City for  at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the date of the election; In accordance with Utah Constitution Article IV, Section 6, any mentally incompetent person, any person convicted of a felony, or any person convicted of treason or a crime against the elective franchise may not hold office in this state until their right to hold elected office is restored.

     Flooding Clipart And Illustrations     
*Be Ready Utah ~ Preparing for flooding
*Flood Resource Guide

*Coalville City residents can go to Coalville City Public Works Building
246 North Industrial Park Road.  The city has provided sand, bags and shovels for any resident in need.  We will continue to do our best to keep materials stocked.  Public Works Crews are doing there best to monitor and clear any city owned infrastructure that may be effected due to runoff to try and prevent flooding.  If you have any questions or have an emergency situation, please contact Coalville City Hall at #435-336-5981, after hours,  follow the prompts to reach the emergency on call operator. 

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Please submit your resume to or
the City Hall, 10 North Main

Coalville City
10 No. Main
 P.O. Box 188 Coalville, Utah 84017
(435) 336-5981
Fax (435) 336-2062