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Coalville History

In June of 1859, John Spriggs arrived in Coalville and attempted to open a mine upon the Thomas Rhoadses find, but on account of the poor quality of the coal, he soon abandoned it.

Joel Lewis, H.B. Wilde and Andrew Johnson were the first to open a mine near Coalville. In what is now known as Allen’s Hollow. After wards they sold a half interest to J. Allen and later sold the rest to Howard Livngston.

Farmers would work on their farms in summer and work at the Wasatch or Grass Creek Mines during the winter. However the miners who had homes or lived in company homes near the mines did not.

During the early days hundreds of tons of coal were hauled, mostly by oc teams, to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City was the nearest supply source. It sold for $35 to $45 a ton.
  • 1858 – The settlement was first called Chalk Creek, but discovery of coal soon changed the name to Coalville. 
  • 1860 – Coal was discovered. The first school began.
  • 1869 – July 30, small pox outbreak, the town was quarantined.
  • 1865 – Old Rock School House was the first church built, and is still standing. (Owned by T. E. Moor)
  • 1867 – Coalville is incorporated. Mayor was W. W. Cluff.
  • 1870 – R.J. Porter built a water power grist mill.
  • 1882 – Union Pacific rail road goes through Coalville on its way to Park City.
  • 1904 – County Courthouse is built.
  • 1906 – A power house is completed and lights are turned on for the first time on New year's night.
  • 1912 – One of the best school district schools in the state was built costing $37,000. It was 133 feet long, 66 feet wide and two stories high. A hospital was opened by Dr. O. W. French in the second story of the Summit Furniture Building.