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From The Mayor's Desk

I am seeking your assistance regarding a pressing issue that has been brought to my attention by numerous individuals. There have been several near misses in our crosswalks, and pedestrians have faced difficulties crossing the street because vehicles are not yielding the right of way, despite it being a state law. Crosswalks should be a safe and secure place for anyone looking to cross the street.


In the year 2023 alone, more than 20 individuals have tragically lost their lives after being struck in crosswalks in our state. This statistic is deeply alarming, and it does not even account for those who have been injured but survived such incidents. Additionally, neighboring communities have reported similar occurrences of pedestrians being struck in crosswalks.


Our most vulnerable group comprises schoolchildren who cross the streets in the morning and afternoon to attend school. I implore everyone to exercise extreme caution when approaching any crosswalk within our city, always keeping in mind those who are trying to make their way across. State law unequivocally mandates that vehicles must come to a halt when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, irrespective of their position. Only once the pedestrian has safely reached the sidewalk may the vehicle proceed.


I earnestly request that we all take care and remain vigilant, especially during school hours, when our children are most at risk. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Let us prioritize safety and thoughtfulness in our community. Thank you in advance for your assistance in making our streets safer for everyone.

Best Regards,
Mark R Marsh