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Quick answers about secondary water

What is secondary water?
Secondary water is irrigation water for property owners within the Coalville City limits. It is not healthy to drink. Secondary water is to be used for watering lawns, gardens, fields, etc.

How do I connect to Secondary Water?
The following items need to be complete before a property owner can connect to the secondary water system:

Show Proof Of Sufficient Water Rights To Cover The Total Acreage Of Your Property.
Each property owner needs enough water rights to water the total acreage of their property. The acreage of your land can be found on your property tax information. You either need to own your water rights, lease sufficient water rights from someone else, or pay a “fee in lieu” fee for sufficient water rights. If you own your water right, you have the option of turning your water right over to Coalville City and we will be responsible for all assessments to that right. Water rights need to be from the following ditch companies: North Narrows, Upper Chalk Creek, Middle Chalk Creek Extension, Middle Chalk Creek, Robinson Brother’s, South Chalk Creek, or Coalville City Ditch Company. If you own a water right from another ditch company, contact the City Hall for information on using it.

Pay The Required Connection Fee.
The current connection fee is $500 for a one-inch service. You have the option of paying this amount in a lump sum, or making five yearly payments of $120, which will equal $600. Larger service lines are available, but require a different connection fee.

Pay The Required “Fee In Lieu” Of Water Rights Or Provide Proof Of Sufficient Water Rights.
If necessary, the “fee in lieu” payment is $500 per 1/10 of irrigated acre. You have the option of paying this amount in a lump sum, or making four equal annual installments with the first installment due with your application for service and the remaining three installments payable yearly on May 1st. Any unpaid balance shall carry interest at the rate of 12% per annum. Accrued interest will be due and payable with each annual installment. You may pay any or all of the remaining balance of the “fee in lieu” at any time during the first installment period without interest penalty. If sufficient water rights are available, a copy of the share certificate is required. If leasing water rights, a copy of the share certificate and the lease agreement is required.

Complete An Application For Secondary Water. Applications are available at the City Hall.
A completed application, with your connection fee payment and “fee in lieu” of water rights payment or proof of sufficient water rights, is required before connecting to the system.

How do I use the water after I pay for a connection?
Coalville City has or will bring the water line to your property. Once this is done, it is the resident’s responsibility to connect to it. The Public Works Department needs to inspect the connection when it is complete. Each property owner can choose whether to use the connection by sprinkling with a hose or from a sprinkler system.

Can I use as much secondary water as I want?
There is no individual metering of how much secondary water you use, but we still need to conserve water. Also, there is no open hose watering. All water must be discharged using a sprinkler, bubbler, drip system, or other similar restrictive device. The system is designed to provide enough water from a one- inch line to each lot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to make the secondary system work properly, residents must sprinkle and not flood irrigate.

What if I have more water rights than I need for my property?
You have the option of selling those water rights to someone else, leasing them to someone else, giving them to Coalville City in exchange for a connection fee, or you can hold on to those water rights. If you choose to hold on to your water rights, you should check on Utah Water Laws about beneficial use.

Who can I contact to design or install a sprinkler system for my property?
There are local landscaping and construction companies that can install a system for you. Local hardware stores may also be of advice as well as carry the correct equipment for the job. Some irrigation systems may require installation of a filter.